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White Ravens 2022 para La Montaña!

Con gran alegría comunicamos que el libro acordeón "La Montaña" de Andrea Antinori fue escogido dentro de los White Ravens 2022. Este prestigioso reconocimiento lo entrega anualmente la admirada Biblioteca de Múnich o Internationale Jugendbibliothek que reconoce a los mejores títulos de literatura infantil y juvenil publicados en 37 idiomas y 53 países.

Nuestro "Puf!" también lo había obtenido el año 2019.

We are delighted to let you know that the book »La montaña« by Andrea Antinori is a White Raven 2022. The International Youth Library’s »White Ravens 2022« catalogue recommends 200 titles in 37 languages from 53 countries.

La montaña (Mountains) Antinori, Andrea (illus.) [Santiago, Chile]: Liebre, 2022. – [22] p. ISBN 978-956-0915-45-0 Mountains | Volcano | Picture book | Wimmelbook | Leporello | Wordless book | Cardboard book Reading age: 4+ White Ravens issue: 2022

This large-size wimmel-boardbook in leporello format can be opened to a length of nearly three-and-a-half metres. And one really ought to do so! Stand it upright on the floor, lay down in front of it, and take delight (preferably with others) in exploring it. On the one side you will find a panorama of mountain ranges that extend across borders and continents. Craggy mountains, snow-covered volcanoes, rivers, lakes, meadows, and terraced fields, inhabited by llamas, bears, penguins and marmots, by mountain climbers, shepherds, hermits, and alpine horn players. The reverse side holds amazing views of the insides of these mountains. Caves and grottos, underground lakes, magma chambers, volcanic pipes, mines and cave paintings, mushrooms, bats, and all sorts of fantastic creatures. In brilliant colours, Andrea Antinori has painted a cornucopia of exuberant imagery, full of imagination and wit. The joy of detail and storytelling is in evidence everywhere. An immense source of pleasure and a feast for the eyes! [JW]

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