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AWARD- Best children´s book in October 2021 (Booktrust,UK): Tweet!

Actualizado: 3 jun 2022

English version -published by Bareboot- was pick in Books we love in October 2021:

"A black-and-white bird dances on the ice – who is he? A penguin, of course! And the bird with a heart-shaped face and fluffy white feathers must surely be an owl?

In this lovely slide-and-see book, a mystery panel slides open to reveal a picture of a bird on the turn of a page, and a riddle-type text follows so that the adult reading can read it aloud for everyone to guess the bird. There are seven birds featured in the book, all with differing colours, habits and skills, and there’s a handy little summary of each bird at the end.

The interactive element of the book – sliding the picture of the bird, open and closed –means that there’s a certain "playability" to it, which adds an extra element of fun, especially if you want to play peekaboo with the birds. Because it’s a nice study book too, this means that it would be a nice one to take along in the pushchair or to play with in the car, as well as being read at storytime or for fun at any point in the day."

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